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Rebol language

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Rebol is a lightweight programming language. Rebol's unique design makes it more productive than other language technologies. The leverage comes from. Rebol is a cross-platform data exchange language and a multi-paradigm dynamic programming language designed by Carl Sassenrath for network. RebolLanguage is an elegant, ultra-high-level multiplatform language. Why isn't it as popular as PerlLanguage or JavaLanguage? This is in my opinion why.

Quoting the home page (ftlofutbol.com). REBOL is a messaging language for distributed Internet applications that run across all devices. 28 Aug So, when I stumbled across the Rebol language, in , it was an eye-opener on what was wrong with so called “modern” computing practice. 10 Sep This is the third of several articles I'm going to write about the Rebol programming language. To learn more about it, you can visit ftlofutbol.com

Rebol is a multi-paradigm language, with roots in Lisp, Forth, and Logo. There are various flavors, each with different capabilities. Rebol2 and Red are what I'm . REBOL can be a very productive language but like all languages you will find it useful for some things but not others. Learning REBOL is a very worthwhile. 25 Sep My favorite programming language is K, which is super fast, super terse, REBOL is super terse and compact, but it is otherwise the complete. Another goal of our trip in California was to visit Carl Sassenrath, creator of Rebol , and spiritual grandfather of Red, as Red is the offspring of the Rebol language. "Pure Functional Programming" in its formal definition is about the idea of designing computational machines whose output is purely "a function.

13 Nov Compare this tutorial to texts about any other programming language, and you'll quickly discover that REBOL is a remarkably concise and. 11 Dec REBOL / Red is a fascinating language and I still can't quite wrap my head around its 'block' concept. It seems very powerful, yet almost exactly. Red is based conceptually and syntactically on Rebol ("Relative Expression Based Object Language"). Rebol is a commercial, closed source programming. Red is a next-generation programming language strongly inspired by Rebol, but with a broader field of usage thanks to its native-code compiler, from system.


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